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Ayurvedic Wellness Coach
RYT 200, E-RYT 200
M.F.A. Dance 
M.A.L.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

For a lifetime, I have been a lover of movement filled with curiosity about the relationship between the intellectual and the experiential. More than two decades ago, I began a dedicated yoga practice followed by studies in Ayurveda, the science of longevity.

With a foundation in somatic practices and an interest in neuroscience, I began researching the intersections between polyvagal theory and the benefits of yoga. As I brought these studies together in my pedagogical practices I witnessed a growing sense of ease and embodiment in my students. Today, the bridge between polyvagal and yogic theory constitutes the core of my teaching philosophy. Through all the years of this dynamic journey, a copy of the Yoga Sutra has been by my side.  Each time I prepare to teach a yoga class, I 

look to the sages for a place to direct attention, and focus the heart.  At the interface of these many moving philosophies, I find a way to return to self, to remember to be delighted by life, and to feel renewed enthusiasm through encouraging others.

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